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Don's Music Views
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

In September of 1999 I will celebrate my 33rd birthday. I've been attending concerts for 19 of those 33 years and have been listening to music for much longer. I don't claim to be a musicologist, or even a journalist. I write because I enjoy it and I write about music for exactly the same reason. This website is just one of my many hobbies. (see my non-music links below for some of my other areas of interest.)

I earn a living as a product designer for a division of the Black & Decker corporation. I'm also a part-time graduate student working toward my MBA. I have a BS in management and an AS in manufacturing engineering.

Why aren't there any bad reviews here?

I have a genuine respect for the amount of work that it takes to write, arrange, record, mix, and produce an album. In the end, my review, or anyone else's, is still just an opinion. My goal is to spread the word about the music that I enjoy, not to trash someone else's dream. If I don't like an album I simply won't spend my time writing a bad review of it.

My Non-Music Links

Jules Verne
A wealth of information on the author, full text of some of his writings, etc.
Abraham Maslow
Works of the noted author & psychologist and biographical information.
The Prisoner's Dilemma
Gain an understanding of this common economic and political science theory.

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