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The Angel

An angel in a flowing gown
Entered the church, her head hung down.
The chapel was quiet & she was alone
For all of the people had long gone home.

She had been there on Sunday when all were around
And she had mingled among them without making a sound.
Now, in the silence, a single tear fell
When she remembered the Pastor wishing them well.

For outside there lurked shadows & some would fall in
She tried to warn them but they chose ways of sin.
She fell at the feet of Mary, the holy & blessed
And prayed to God, their sins, they'd confess.

She prayed for the homeless, all rugged & alone,
She prayed that in Heaven they'd find a warm home.
She prayed for the sadness she saw in the hearts
Of those left behind when their loved ones had part.

She prayed for the lonely who dreaded each day,
She prayed that the Lord would show them the way.
She prayed for a way to show those on Earth
How much in God's eyes each one is worth.

Then, a small smile slipped on her face
For God had answered & she praised His grace.
"All the answers are here," she whispered in the wind,
"Jesus, you see, died for your sins."

And with a gentle breeze, she floated away,
When a young girl entered to kneel & pray.
Her little fingers entwined, she closed her sad eyes
For just days before, her mother had died.

She sat there for hours, to ears she thought deaf,
When she saw the dear gift the angel had left.
Tears streamed her face as she moved near the light
Where the angel had been before she took flight.

She was near hatred, her faith nearly dead
When she saw a book in the light, "Bible", it said.
A sense of peace rushed over her & confusion seemed to flee
The very moment...she began to read.

Vicki Sue Kohr
copyright 1998