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Music Review

BIG BAD JOHNS/PLYMOUTH ROCK (Feralette Records F-95082)

Big Bad Johns (BBJ) are Buzz Gordo on guitar and backing vocals, Nervous Chet Purvis on bass, Jim Balga on drums, and Detroit Dick Hulett on lead vocals. BBJ was formed from the remnants of other Connecticut bands and has been tearing up the local stages for a few years now. "Plymouth Rock" is their first CD and the "Plymouth" in the title refers to a car not a place. BBJ are a retro-type rock band that favors the rock styles of the 50’s and 60’s, while creating original material. In keeping with their favored style the subjects of their songs are usually girls and cars. What makes this formula work is the enthusiasm and energy that each member brings to the table. This is a band that is clearly enjoying what they’re doing, this is most evident in their live shows which are always a blast.

This disc starts rockin’ with the first track, "Funky Fu Manchu", and never lets up. It contains ten tracks, nine originals and a cover of the Dogmatics’ "Beautiful Girl." From "Two Faces Of Love" to "Cold Cold Heart" to "Big City Girls" every track is a winner. If you enjoy good old-fashioned, straight in your face, fun rock and roll, without the technical gadgets and bloated social commentaries of today’s music, Big Bad Johns are the band for you. BBJ are one of Connecticut’s best bands, It’s that simple.

This disc is available locally and at BBJ shows. You can also write to Feralette Records LLC at 306 West 4th St., New York, NY 10014 for ordering information, or just call Cutler’s Records (203) 777-6271 in New Haven, CT and have them ship it to you.