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CD Review

THE BOODOGS/SNIFF THIS (BooBoo DooDoo Music 0981001)

The BooDogs are a young band which draws its sound from influences that range from early Van Halen to grunge to today’s modern rock. The band is composed of Andy Todd and Richard Kimzey on guitars and vocals, Philip Kelly on drums and vocals, and Erik Elliot on bass and vocals. The one characteristic that immediately jumps out at you is that these guys are enjoying themselves. They also don’t take themselves too seriously.

There’s not much here lyric-wise but the disc rocks from start to finish. My favorite tracks are "Watson’s Girl", which just rocks straight through, "Rock ‘N’ Roll Star", which showcases some nice guitar work, "What’s In My Trousers", which is a tip of the hat to David Lee Roth, and "George Bush Is A Twinkie", which is just plain funny.

Listening to "Sniff This" gives you the impression that the band probably has even more fun playing live. The BooDogs may not be quite ready for bigger things yet but they’re certainly heading in the right direction and off to a good start.

(reviewed 11/13/98)