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The Haunted Mill
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I'd Love To Change The World But I Don't Know What To Do

Everyone says that they'd like to make the world a better place but that they couldn't make a difference. The pessimistic view is that nothing will ever change so why should we even try? People with that attitude only make the problems worse because those with power are counting on the naysayers to help them maintain the status quo. Are you really that much of a sucker? I don't think so. Here's some ideas about what you can do.

First and foremost, start looking at every dollar that you spend as a vote. When you buy something, a product or service, you're voting for the company from which you're making that purchase. The only language that the business world understands or cares about is money. If you're spending money with them then they interpret that as a vote of support for how they're running their company. If they treat their employees like dirt then you're supporting that. If they damage the environment then you're supporting that. If they overpay their top management then you're supporting that too. Every dollar you spend is a yes vote. If you start thinking in this fashion you'll pay more attention to what your money is supporting. If a company doesn't match up with your ethical standards then take your votes to one that does.

You might say that that won't make any difference and if you think of yourself as the only one doing it you'd be right. The point is that you're not the only one doing it. We do have the power to change things but we have to join together to amplify our opinions. Remember, money does talk and it talks louder then any words. You're now armed and ready, start voting for your values today and tell others to do the same. It's simple and it will work.

Next on your list is to sign up as an organ donor. You'll have no use for your organs after you're gone. Why not make someone else's world better by allowing them a chance to live a more normal life. People die every day waiting for organ transplants. There's more then enough organs out there to solve this problem if only more people would sign up to donate theirs. It's a very small effort on your part and you don't have to do anything else until after you die.

Thirdly, there's too many hungry people in this, one of the richest countries on Earth. It's a disgrace and an embarrassment that people go hungry in the United States. I'm embarrassed by it and you should be too. Do something to help your local food bank. Donate food yourself, organize a food drive, or call and ask about helping out. This problem can be beat.

I've given you three simple places to start. Sure, there's plenty of other issues too and I'm sure you have strong feelings about some of them. So go out there and help solve a problem instead of contributing to one. Nothing will change if you don't help.

Don Donofrio
3000 Whitney Ave.
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