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CRUCIBLE/TALL TALES (self-released)

The word crucible is defined as a melting pot. The band Crucible is a melting pot for the sounds of the forefathers of the progressive rock movement. There are influences of many bands here, from Yes to Genesis to Emerson, Lake, & Palmer and beyond. "Tall Tales" is the first release from the band and naturally relies heavily on those influences.

Tim Horan is the leader/visionary of the band as he pens all the songs on "Tall Tales." He also plays piano, organ, acoustic guitar, and flute. The remainder of the band is Tony Cappellina on drums, percussion, and additional lyrics, Chris Kasidas on bass, Bill Esposito on lead vocals, and Dan Esposito on lead and rhythm guitars. What sets Crucible apart from the mass of bands out there today is that each individual member is extremely good at what he does. To put it simply, these guys can play, and they play well together.

"Tall Tales" contains eight songs, one of which is a seven part epic entitled "An Impís Tale." The lyrics follow mythology-based themes which seem to work so well with progressive rock. The second track, "The Poet Liar," is one of the best on the disc. Horanís acoustic guitar and flute weave, effortlessly, in and out of the foundation being laid down by the rest of the band while the effective vocals of Bill Esposito deliver the storyline. "The Salamander" is interesting for several reasons. One because the lyrics are so well written. Second, because while the song is certainly progressive, the keyboards are used to produce a sort of reggae-flavored accent. Itís not obvious, and may not even be noticed by many people, but itís there, itís intelligent, and it works. "Land For Sale" is another example of the excellent lyrical abilities on display here.

This is an excellent debut by any measure and deserves your attention. The link to the left of this review can be used to sign up for the bandís mailing list and get information about ordering a copy of their CD

Crucible-Contact Information

C-V Management
23 August Ave.
Wolcott, CT  06716