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Crucible-Live at Zoogie's Cafe, Waterbury, CT on July 31, 1998.

Connecticutís favorite local prog-rock act, Crucible, returned to Waterbury Friday night to rock Zoogieís Cafť (formerly known as Amiciís). The band is back to performing live after a brief vacation to get some well-deserved rest and to work on some new material.

The size of the Zoogieís crowd made it evident that Crucible is a band on the rise, they played to only about half as many people here just a couple months ago. The band has gotten some national attention from the prog world recently, most notably rave reviews of a high profile show in Baltimore and a slot on the Prog Day í98 show which will be held in South Carolina over the Labor Day weekend. Their debut CD, "Tall Tales", is selling briskly and theyíll be making their third Toadís Place appearance later this month, opening for The Tubes.

This review isnít as detail-oriented as most because Iíve already written 3 reviews of the band so thereís almost nothing that I can say that hasnít already been put to words. My previous reviews are all just a click away so I hope youíll read them.

I can add that the band sounded even better on this night then they have in the past. I know thatís hard to believe but itís apparent that their performance experiences are starting to build a greater level of confidence within the band. This may be due to the positive reviews and the national exposure that theyíve begun to receive, or it may just be the number of shows that theyíve done, whatever the reason, itís working.

Dan Espositoís lead guitar work had more fire tonight and, even though he was still stuck in the back corner due to the size of the stage, he seems to have benefited the most from the increased confidence level. Itís hard to explain the stage layout at Zoogieís but Danís playing was attracting people to the side of the stage to get a closer look.

I know Iíve already said this several times but if you want to experience a band on the way up you still have time to catch Crucible, live, and local. You donít have quite as much time anymore, but you do still have some time. Donít let it slip away, it is going fast. Information on ordering the bandís CD "Tall Tales" can be found by using the link to their homepage.

Crucible-Contact Information

C-V Management
23 August Ave.
Wolcott, CT  06716