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Crucible-Live at the Old Chicago Bar & Grill, Waterbury, CT on August 15, 1998.

On Saturday August 15th the Old Chicago Bar & Grill was the Waterbury club smart enough to have booked local prog-rockers, Crucible, making it the place to be on this hot August night. (The club also features an excellent menu and wait staff) The band has reached the level where they consistently draw large crowds to their regular stomping grounds and tonight was no exception. If youíre a club owner, and Crucible isnít on your schedule, itís time to ask yourself why.

The band immediately launched into a tune that has become a highlight of their set, Creamís classic "White Room." Dan Espositoís lead guitar is the driving force on this song and heís succeeded in turning it into a showcase for his talents. Peter Gabrielís "Red Rain" then followed before the band jumped into what may be their best cover, The Allman Brothersí "Whipping Post." Bill Espositoís vocals take center stage here and he always turns in an incredible rendition of the demanding classic. Two more covers, The Policeís "Message In A Bottle" and ZZ Topís "Cheap Sunglasses," ensured that the crowd was primed before the band performed the first of several original songs that it would showcase tonight.

"The Poet Liar" is one of the best tracks from Crucibleís debut CD, "Tall Tales." The bandís composer, Tim Horan, takes the reins on this one and steers the group through what will undoubtedly become one of the bandís classic songs someday.

Covers of Genesisí "Abbacab" and The Whoís "Pinball Wizard" and "Behind Blue Eyes" kept the momentum building until the band performed their second original, and clearly the highlight of tonightís performance, "Over The Falls." A cover of Rushís "Limelight," which has also taken on a life of its own within the bandís performances, was coupled with Supertrampís "The Logical Song" before the third original piece was done. The band rounded out their first set with covers of Stingís "If I Ever," Steely Danís "Kid Charlemagne," and Sonny Boy Williamsonís "One Way Out" before taking a break.

The second set retained all of the momentum built up during the first as the band mixed a series of well-chosen covers with more of their own compositions. A standout here was a new song, "Worlds Apart," which will likely be included on the bandís second release sometime in the future. This set was more spontaneous as the band responded to calls from an energetic crowd who wanted to hear their favorites from within the bandís repertoire. Cover highlights from the second set included Pink Floydís "Time," Peter Gabrielís "In Your Eyes," The Whoís "Bargain," and Stevie Wonderís "Superstition."

Information about ordering the bandís debut CD, "Tall Tales," and signing up for their mailing list can be found on the bandís homepage (see link to the left of this review) or you can write to the address below

Crucible-Contact Information

C-V Management
23 August Ave.
Wolcott, CT  06716