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Crucible-Live at Zoogie's Cafe', Waterbury, CT on November 6, 1998.

Crucible returned to their home turf Friday night with a show at Zoogies Café in Waterbury. The band has played here several times and continues to draw a large crowd each time out. They temporarily scaled back their live performances to allow themselves some time to adjust to a personnel change. Tonight was only their second show with new bassist Chris Vescera and they certainly appear to have adjusted accordingly and hit the ground running.

The show kicked off with a cover of Steve Miller’s "Fly Like An Eagle," a new addition to the band’s songbook. In addition to their own originals the band regularly performs from a long list of covers that it has remade as their own. These are a far-ranging lot that includes everything from Cream, The Allman Brothers, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, The Who, Rush, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, and even Kansas from time to time. They’re a versatile bunch and aren’t afraid to push themselves to try something new. That attitude always makes for an interesting performance.

The band wove several of their own pieces into tonight’s show. "The Poet Liar", "Over The Falls", "Find The Line", and "Lords And Leeches" are all from their debut CD "Tall Tales". They also feature a new song called "Worlds Apart" which should be on their next release. Their originals are among the best new progressive rock being written today and will undoubtedly be turning heads at some point in the future.

For those that were there, another great night was had. For those that weren’t…well…maybe you’ll catch on someday.

Crucible-Contact Information

C-V Management
23 August Ave.
Wolcott, CT  06716