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Del Amitri is a band that is living the classic rock and roll scenario. They had a modest hit, “Kiss This Thing Goodbye”, on their first album, but have been unable to follow it up with a bigger hit. They’ve released several albums since then, all of which were critically acclaimed, but just haven’t connected with a larger audience for some reason.

“Some Other Sucker’s Parade” should win an award for the title alone. The picture on the back of the disc case even shows some of the band with an apparent “What’s it going to take?” look of desperation in their eyes. The disc is solid throughout, loaded with catchy songs and full arrangements. So what’s the problem? That’s the multi-million dollar question that the band, and A&M Records would like answered. A&M obviously has confidence in Del Amitri or they wouldn’t still be around, but what are they doing to break them? I saw Del Amitri live when “Kiss This Thing Goodbye” was on the charts and thought they were great. Why haven’t they been given a slot as an opener for someone? Why aren’t they out rocking the club circuit? This is a band that could break if given a little push so how about it A&M? Give ‘em a hand, it’s your investment!