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This is the first release by Don Kidd, an artist who describes his work as progressive new age music. Itís always risky to try to stake out new musical territory and itís especially risky when the territory youíre trying to establish lies somewhere between two musical styles that are already under-appreciated to begin with. Itís extremely rare that a legitimate success emerges from either the progressive or new age fields and itís unlikely that that fact will change anytime soon. Knowing this, Don has decided to lay his claim regardless of the odds, and deserves credit for his dedication to his own musical vision.

Mythological Tales is a collection of seventeen pieces inspired by various characters and events from the world of mythology. Keyboards, drums, and bass, all played by Don, are woven together to form the various soundscapes which can best be described as a sort of stripped-down progressive sound. If forced to draw a comparison, the best I can come up with is that it somewhat resembles Tangerine Dream, but with their sound broken down to itís most basic elements. Mythological Tales is one of those collections thatís pleasant on the first listen but really begins to grow on you with each additional listen. The most important parts of these songs are the details, those little sounds that are mixed into the pieces at just the right moments. Don has an excellent sense of where these sounds are needed and also has the talent to find just the right sounds to use. Iíd recommend it to anyone who likes the melding of rock and classical music that prog-rock provides but needs something a bit lighter for those occasions that call for it. Don is currently working on his second collection, which Iím already looking forward to hearing. Mythological Tales can be ordered from the Aural Adventures link to the left.