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DREAM THEATER/FALLING INTO INFINITY (EastWest Records America 62060-2)

Dream Theater is actually better described as prog-metal than prog-rock but theyíre still infinitely more interesting then whatever the radio is playing these days. Dream Theater is one of a very small group of bands that has the ability to make intelligent metal.

Falling Into Infinity continues the bandís refinement of the prog-metal territory that theyíve previously staked out. The playing is excellent, the songwriting keeps getting better, and the bandís future keeps looking brighter. This is serious music that rocks from start to finish and will certainly be winning over new fans.

This release contains 11 tracks, 2 of which blow past the 10-minute barrier without taking any prisoners. Dream Theater means business and isnít afraid to tell you so. If you're a prog fan that likes a good solid jolt every now and then this is the disc for you.