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Frogwings/The Derek Trucks Band-Live at Toad's Place, New Haven, CT on February 12, 1999.

The crowd arrived early tonight and expectations were high. A night of hot jamming was at hand and everyone knew it. When The Derek Trucks Band took the stage the crowd was already large in numbers and crowded in front of the stage. The band immediately launched into what seemed like a very loosely scripted hour-long set which featured impromptu guest appearances by various members of tonight's headliners, Frogwings, of which Derek Trucks himself is a member. The highlight was when the band was joined by Jimmy Herring, of Frogwings, The Aquarium Rescue Unit, and Jazz Is Dead. Herring and Trucks traded off guitar licks in an excellent display of their versatility. The Trucks Band proved themselves perfectly able to keep up with whomever they were sharing the stage with at the moment. An excellent set that gave the crowd exactly what they wanted. (I didn't even mention that Derek Trucks is only 19!)

Frogwings made it onstage and surprised most of the crowd by performing original material almost exclusively. There were encores of The Allman Brothers' "Hot'Lanta" and Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" but the rest of the night was all Frogwings' material. This from a band that doesn't even have an album released yet.

Frogwings consists of John Popper (Blues Traveler), Butch Trucks, Marc Quinones, and Oteil Burbridge (all of The Allman Brothers Band), Derek Trucks (The D.T. Band), Jimmy Herring (The Aquarium Rescue Unit and Jazz Is Dead), and Kofi Burbridge (The Aquarium Rescue Unit). I guess you call this a jam band supergroup. They plan to release an album later this year and tour when each member's schedules permit.

Overall this was an excellent show and delivered exactly what the crowd had hoped for. There was one big mistake however, the band took a break that lasted some 45 minutes and just destroyed the momentum that they had going during their first set. These veteran players should all have known better.