Mambo Sons CD Review
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CD Review

MAMBO SONS/self-titled

Mambo Sons started as a solo album by Glastonbury, CT guitarist Tom Guerra. He called in some friends to help out and the project took a life of its own. They took the name from an old T. Rex song and went from there. The resulting Mambo Sons consists of a core group of Tom Guerra (guitar), Scott Lawson (vocals), Kenny Aaronson (bass), and Mike Hayden (drums). The disc also features guest spots from several friends,
including Rick Derringer adding guitar on 2 tracks.

The Mambo Sons' sound is firmly anchored in the guitar-driven rock style of the 70s and 80s. The whole style itself seems to be enjoying a come-back of sorts with the growing popularity of the classic rock radio format. That's the sound that Tom grew up listening to, learned to play best, and enjoys the most.

The disc contains 12 tracks. Overall, I think it's an excellent effort and a very enjoyable listen. There's several tracks that I really liked, such as "Monkeyfinger", "Devil Moon", "The Power Of Time", and "Everybody's Got A Little Judy In Them." I didn't care for the first track "Habits Of Mine" but enjoyed the rest of the disc fairly evenly.

Tom Guerra has a great web site, which contains a wealth of information about how to get the disc, who plays on each song, the equipment used, etc. You can use the link to the left of this review or just go to

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