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This disc, which was actually recorded live in 1996 and released in 1997, just found its way to me and provided another one of those pleasant surprises which seem to pop up sporadically. For anyone that doesnít know, Roger Hodgson was a member of the band Supertramp and has also done some solo stuff over the years. This recording of a concert at the Minerís Foundry in Nevada City, CA finds Roger fronting a very talented group of musicians which includes "special guest" John Helliwell, also a former Supertramper himself, on sax.

The disc contains 12 tracks including new recordings of the Supertramp classics "Take The Long Way Home," "The Logical Song," and "Give A Little Bit." Supertramp fans will be very satisfied by the new versions which are faithful to the originals yet somehow sound new at the same time. The recording quality is excellent, making the new versions desirable based solely on sound quality.

The remaining tracks are successful in showcasing Rogerís many talents. His songwriting has always been very consistent and his voice hasnít lost any of its qualities.

I found this disc to be very enjoyable and itís managed to retain a place in my CD changer for some time now. Iíd strongly recommend it to any Supertramp fans. For those who donít consider themselves Supertramp fans, Iíd still recommend it based on its own merits. This is just a great live performance thatís now available on CD.