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"Eyes Of A Woman" is the fourth release from The Kelly Richey Band and represents significant growth for the band in two key areas. First, 8 of the 11 tracks were either written or co-written by Kelly Richey. Second, Kelly appears to have settled into her own singing voice here. The result is that this release is the most personal statement that the band has made thus far.

The opening track "Talks All Over Town" showcases Kellyís guitar playing over an excellent horn-based arrangement. Freddie Kingís "You Was Wrong" is given a nice treatment and also provides a continuing spotlight on guitar. "Good Days Bad Days" is the real gem of this disc as the band produces a gorgeous slow-flowing performance thatís just absolutely perfect. "My Babyís Gone Crazy" is a nice track but doesnít really have anything to set it apart. "Stop Actiní Crazy" is a great jumpy blues piece and may be the best of the self-penned songs here. The title track is another great one that features some excellent slow blues guitar and smooth vocals. "Traveliní" is another excellent original and features the harmonica talents of Jim Rosen. "Someday Baby" puts Kellyís guitar back in the spotlight and she doesnít disappoint. Kellyís guitar, Jim Rosenís harmonica, and David Barrickmanís piano all combine to make "Blues Donít Lie" another highlight of this disc. "It Ainít Easy" puts the band back into a mean jump blues style. The closing track, "Strolliní After Hours," is a nice instrumental that really lets the band have some fun.

Overall, "Eyes Of A Woman" is an excellent release and is likely to bring The Kelly Richey Band a lot more attention. "Good Days Bad Days" and "Stop Actiní Crazy" make this disc worth getting by themselves. The bandís first 2 releases have already sold out so if you like them, or think that you might, now would be a good time to pick up a copy of their third release, "Live At Tommyís On Main," (see separate review) while itís still available. You can obtain ordering information and other news from the bandís homepage. (see link to the left)