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LITTLE GEORGIE & THE SHUFFLING HUNGARIANS/LIVE FROM STYLEEN"S RHYTHM PALACE (Queen Bee Brand QB96662) This is a two-disc live set, with a running time of over 2 hours, that captures what we're told is a typical sold-out Saturday night show by the band at their home stomping ground in Syracuse,NY. I never had a reason to go to Syracuse, until now! This band rocks, stomps, and jams in the tradition of the greatest of the New Orleans area performers. Little Georgie may be the namesake, but make no mistake about it, this is a real band. From the opening cover of Lennon & McCartney's "Come Together" to the closing version of Ashford & Simpson's "Let's Go Get Stoned" they consistently rock . It's also a band that has several members who can handle turns on lead vocals and several others capable of handling the lead instrument duties. Their sound is a fusion of blues, soul, gospel, and rock. We're told that their standard set is 3 hours long, so this set is slightly edited for practicality, but while listening you can imagine the sweat-soaked fans leaving Styleen's in the early hours of the morning-and wishing you were one of them! The sound quality is excellent and each instrument seems to have been well recorded and mixed. The song selection is a mix of covers and Little Georgie originals. This is another one of those sets that's great travelling music. Anyone up for a 2-hour drive? This one can be ordered from the bands homepage or by calling (315)449-0967.