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The Unofficial Mary Black Homepage
This is a great example of what an unofficial home page should be. A ton of information, contests, photos, etc. This site really has it all! Check it out!

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Music Reviews

MARY BLACK/SHINE (Curb Records D2-77888) Mary Black is a gifted vocalist who continues to release exceptional albums, that satisfy her fans, but go virtually unnoticed by the public at large. This disc continues in that vein. It's another exceptional release by a woman that can match up favorably with the best singers in the world but is known mostly among music circles. "Shine" has twelve tracks, including a cover of Richard Thompson's "I Misunderstood", and a "hidden" track, "Two Dancers In The Dark", which isn't listed on the cover. Mary is backed by an assortment of musicians who provide a great vehicle for her voice to soar. The standouts include "Nobody Lives Without Love" and "Late Night Radio" but there are no filler tracks here and each song is aptly capable of standing on its own. Together they make for a great fifty minutes of musical enjoyment. The kind that you get when you watch (or in this case, hear) a master at work. If you haven't yet heard Mary Black, this disc is a great starting point. If you have then you don't need any convincing. We can only hope that someday, if she gets the attention she deserves, she'll teach the people at the top of the pop charts how it's done. Until then she's our little secret. Onward Mary onward, the world needs a dose of your soothing sounds and musical taste.