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Mastermind III:Tragic Symphony

MASTERMIND/Mastermind III:Tragic Symphony (Prozone PRO595-2)

This is the album where I feel that Mastermind really reaches the sound that they've been searching for. The album instantly jumps in your face with "Tiger! Tiger!", a short (in prog-rock terms) piece that has nonetheless become a staple in the band's live show. "The Power & The Passion" follows, clocking in at almost thirteen minutes, and successfully hinting at what is still to come. "All The King's Horses" is another short piece that succeeds wonderfully at providing a brief respite before building up momentum again. The three-part "Tragic Symphony" is the true masterpiece of this effort and certainly ranks among the band's best work. Part one, "Sea Of Tears", features vocals by Bill Berends but still manages to give his guitar work the space that it needs to shine. Part two, "Nothing Left To Say", questions the old adage about it being better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Part three, "Into The Void", is a sweeping instrumental saga (at over 13 minutes) that showcases the true quality of musicianship that Bill & Rich Berends posess. This piece is the perfect example of what Mastermind is all about and this album is one that no prog-rock fan should be without. Unfortunately Mastermind's releases are not readily available in most music stores. You can find them at most mail-order houses that handle prog-rock. At the time of this writing Mastermind III & IV are also currently available from CDnow and CD Universe. All of Mastermind's releases can also be ordered direct from their homepage (see "Related Links" at left)