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THE OSGOODS/Assistant Manager EP (self-released)

The Osgoods are originally from Arizona but have recently relocated to sunny California. The band consists of Anthony Nigro (vocals and guitar), Ravi Kapoor (bass), and Colin Wyatt (drums). The Assistant Manager EP continues the bandís plan to name their releases after their day job titles.

This release contains 6 tracks. The band tends to stick with a pretty consistent modern funk-rock sound which is bass-heavy and most resembles the Red Hot Chili Pepperís style. The bandís edge is that theyíre good composition-wise. Even though the basic sound is similar, the songs manage to keep the entire disc interesting throughout. Iíd like to see these guys branch out their sound a little because they obviously do play very well together.

Overall this is a good release from a promising band. I look forward to hearing more from The Osgoods in the future.

The band can be reached at;

5804 Whitsett ave #1, North Hollywood, CA 91607

phone: (818)980-8711, e-mail: