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Peter Gale (aka "The Landlord Of Love") is a Waterbury, Connecticut-based singer/songwriter with a decidedly modern rock edge. The full-time chef turned into a part-time musician a few years ago because he saw music as an effective outlet for some pent-up emotions.

Thereís an old episode of "M*A*S*H" where Charles Emerson Winchester III becomes the newest surgeon. After being criticized for his slow pace in the operating room, he responds that he does one thing at a time, does it very well, and then moves on. Peter Gale seems to have the ability to do several things at a time, do them very well, and keep doing them very well. In addition to teaching himself to play guitar, writing, performing, and recording the 13 tracks on this disc, hosting his own local-access cable show, and playing live, he also does a great job of managing and promoting the "Landlord Of Love."

"Come Take A Walk In My Mind" is the perfect title for this disc because all 13 songs deal with some type of personal emotional issues. Peter was reportedly thrust into songwriting after being dumped by a girlfriend. His songs tend to center on relationship-based themes and personal insight issues. What weíre given is 13 glimpses into the mind of Peter Gale.

Itís hard to pick out any particular songs to recommend because this disc is excellent from start to finish. It really is one of those things that should be listened to in its entirety each time. If I did have to choose my favorites, Iíd go with "With You Iíll Walk", "Green, Red, & Blue", "Access Denied", and "The Grass Is Always Greener."

"Come Take A Walk In My Mind" is available at many music stores in the Waterbury area and can also be ordered directly from Peter. E-mail him at "" for pricing and availability or write to him at the address below. ****This CD is also now available through the Noteworthy Productions Homepage link to the left of this review.****

Peter Gale Contact Information

Landlord Of Love Productions
380 Hitchcock Road, Suite 22
Waterbury, CT  06705

Phone: 203-573-9103
Fax: 203-272-7722