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Roomful of Blues is the hippest blues band on earth!

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ROOMFUL OF BLUES/UNDER ONE ROOF (Bullseye Blues BB9569) "Roomful of Blues is not only still going strong, but is stronger than ever," it says on the back of this disc. One listen and you'll see how true that statement really is. To put it simply, this disc swings from start to finish. Roomful of Blues has been around for a long time, performed thousands of concerts, released several albums, both by themselves and accompanying others. This 1997 release, however, elevates the Roomful to an even greater level. If horn-based blues is your thing, or if you've never given it a good listen, this is the disc for you. "Under One Roof" will make many best of '97 lists and deserves to make yours. Every song is a winner and won't be forgotten anytime soon. It gets my highest rating, and also makes for great traveling music if you'll be on the road for an extended drive. Check your favorite music store or use the Roomful Of Blues homepage link to order.