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SOLEYduncan/7 IN ONE SMOKER…WITH 38% MORE ACTION (Wet Milk Entertainment)

SOLEYduncan is comprised of Mike Pernicano (guitar, vocals), E. Eklund (guitar), Tom "Groovy T" Hoobler (bass), Scot Nyquist (drums), and diesel (trumpet). The band hails from Glendale, Arizona and describes themselves as a groove funk variety band. "7 In One Smoker…" is their first release.

The band combines several musical styles to create their own sound, which I’d describe as a kind of funky jam band style. They begin the disc in a reggae groove and proceed to develop that groove a little further through each successive song. I enjoyed some songs, such as "Freeball" , "D-Side" , and "No, I’ll Drive", much more than the rest of the disc but overall the entire CD makes for a good listen. This is a good first effort from a band that definitely shows a lot of potential. They may not have quite fully developed their sound just yet, but I expect to hear more from SOLEYduncan in the future.

The band can be contacted through the link to their homepage (to the left of this review) or by writing SOLEYduncan, 5251 W. Cortez Rd., Glendale, AZ 85304.

Don Donofrio-1/99