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The Tubes/2nd Nature/Crucible/Lonesome George-Live at Toad's Place, New Haven, CT on August 21, 1998.

Tonight’s first band, Lonesome George, has been playing around Connecticut for some time and recently came in second in the rock category in the New Haven Advocate’s Grand Band Slam reader’s poll. This was the band’s last Connecticut performance as they’ll soon be departing for sunny California with high hopes of moving up faster in the music business. Tonight they delivered a well-received set that was unfortunately muddied by the club’s sound system.

Next up was Crucible, who my readers already know is my current favorite among Connecticut’s local offerings. (see several other reviews posted here) The band delivered their usual exceptional offering of progressive rock. Tonight’s set was only about 40 minutes so all originals was the rule. The band proved that their own stuff does indeed stand on its own and was greeted by an excited response from the crowd. They performed much of their debut CD "Tall Tales" as well as one new original, "World’s Apart", which is likely to be on their next release. The sound was much better during Crucible’s set and provided the needed vehicle for a successful delivery of their layered sound. The large stage also gave them the room to spread out more then usual. This meant that both Dan Esposito (lead guitar) and Chris Kasidas (bass), who are usually cramped into a small corner of the stage, had room to move. Both enjoyed the freedom and took full advantage of the opportunity.

Third on the bill was 2nd Nature, another good Connecticut band who’s direction is more toward the pop-oriented hard rock genre (see review of their first CD, "Will To Survive," also posted here). Their sound is somewhat reminiscent of 80’s favorites Night Ranger but maybe with a little more of an edge to it. The band delivered a solid set that kept the crowd rocking throughout. They performed songs from their new release as well as several from "Will To Survive." The highlight of their set, and their best known song, was clearly "Silent Cry" from "Will To Survive."

The Tubes took the stage at about 12:20am and immediately hit their full stride. There were many Tubes fanatics in attendance who danced around uncontrollably from the first note to the last. It’d been quite some time since the band had played in New Haven so this was very much a homecoming of sorts for them. Tubes classics such as "Sushi Girl" and "What Do You Want From Life" were performed early in the set. Their best known song and biggest hit, "She’s A Beauty," was also performed early on, to, as lead singer Fee Waybill put it "give the people what they want." The band had a nice clean sound throughout and proved themselves to be excellent musicians as well as seasoned performers. Fee Waybill’s voice was in good form and his ability to both read, and play to, the mood of the crowd was very apparent. He worked the crowd like the pro that he is and always managed to keep the energy of the room high. Overall, it was a great return for The Tubes and an excellent showcase for 3 of Connecticut’s homegrown offerings